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Wanna Poken Me?

by christine

I was recently invited by Jennifer Navarrete and Luis Sandoval Jr. to review one of the fancy schmancy new gadgets they’re covering in their January podcast for Tech In Twenty.  I was recently turned on to the Poken by our Tennessee Poken representative, Mark Smith, who I expect will be wildly success with the concept of  a virtual business card.

Poken Pro’s:

  • Go Green – No more paper business cards to add to the stack on your desk.
  • Movin’ On Up – When you leave your company or move out of state, you’re able to quickly and easily manage your information and not have to mess with mass emailing all your contacts to update them on the move.
  • Who are you again? – Do you remember faces and not names or the other way around?  With the Poken web based software, you’re able to reference who you’ve met using the timeline so you’ll always remember who’s a hot lead.
  • And because it’s fun to say, “Wanna poke me?”  There’s no better icebreaker than that!

Poken Con’s:

  • Who do you Poken? – They’ve not quite caught on as much as overseas but I am confident that will change in the next year.

Check out my video below and let me know what you think.

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6 Responses to “Wanna Poken Me?”

  1. Poken Friend Says:

    This is a great post about poken. I like how you break down the pro’s and con’s of having one. We hope it will catch on big time in the U.S. as in Europe before end of year.

  2. Poken Hero Says:

    […] You can find the orginal post here:  JTMar.com […]

  3. uberVU - social comments Says:

    Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by JessicaRMurray: Check out @JessicaRMurray “Wanna Poken Me?” for @techintwenty http://ow.ly/SEnX

  4. Mark Says:

    Poken is a great concept, but they should make them look more professional to attract a bigger audience.


  5. Johnson Galas Says:

    Informative post that you have. I came across a new one the other day. They look open for business, but very similar to linkedin.com with more of a social business directory look and feel. Nice clean interface though. Located at SocialTerrain.com

  6. 150cc scooter Says:

    That was a useful blog post,Maybe I might sign up to your rss.

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