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Online Reputation Management

Today’s online world can be scary to companies and brands.  They spend years and untold resources to properly position their brand with target audiences; all of which can come tumbling down in a matter of days thanks to our extremely connected World.

Take the recent example of Domino’s Pizza where two industrious employees at a franchisee in Kentucky did some extremely unappetizing things to their pizzas before delivery.  And they posted their antics on YouTube.

The YouTube video received millions of views in the first 24 hours.  Sales began dropping off a cliff.  The CEO posted his own video on YouTube within 48 hours and avoided a disaster for his company.

JTMarCom uses the latest technology platforms to monitor online posts about its clients.  If someone posts a negative Tweet, we know about it within an hour.  That’s the first critical step.  Then, we develop communications flow plans that engage the correct people (i.e., customer service, sales, legal) at the right time.  For example, if a customer posts how pleased she is with our client’s product, she receives quick, positive reinforcement, thus turning her into an even more of an advocate.  Or if there is negative Tweet, YouTube video, blog , etc., we have a plan of action for dealing with it.