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YouTube is not just acrobatic kittens and dancing babies

Thursday, October 7th, 2010
YouTube is not just for Dancing Babies and Cute Kittens
We talk to a lot of business people who don’t use YouTube because they think it is all about shocking scenes and cute videos with dancing babies and acrobatic kittens.  While it’s true that truly entertaining videos have the best chance to go viral, YouTube can still be a tremendous (and free) resource for any business.  
According to CitySearch.com, a customer is twice as likely to visit your store if you have a video of your store on your website.  Seeing your store and employees on a video, or a customer testimonial, builds customer confidence and increases the chances that the customer will come see you.
Click here to see a video customer testimonial for Alliance Tire Americas (a client of ours).  Nicely done, and it did not require an expensive camera or production crew.  An effective YouTube video can be shot on a $75 Flip camera.  YouTube audiences are not expecting a slick piece; in fact, this is often a negative.  Make it genuine, but also make it short (30 seconds to 2 minutes).  And get to the point; attention spans are not what they used to be.
So how could tire dealers, for example, effectively use YouTube?
– Show your showroom and interview a few employees.
– Interview satisfied customers for testimonials.
– Shoot educational videos on how to winterize your car, getting ready for summer, etc.
Check out the Sullivan Tire YouTube channel.  Great job!
Using YouTube is easy, but there are some techniques and best practices that can help you use it effectively. Shoot me a comment and I will send you our YouTube white paper which takes you from A to Z.

McDonald’s Rolls With YouTube

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

McDonald’s Rolls With YouTube For McCafe Launch

By Tameka Kee – Mon 04 May 2009 09:01 PM PST

imageMcDonald’s is launching an all-out ad blitz for its new line of McCafe premium coffees—and one of the first places you’ll see the branding is on YouTube. McDonald’s has rolled out a rich media spread on the YouTube homepage, taking advantage of one of the video site’s new ad formats: the “tandem masthead” (pictured here). Lionsgate first tested the two-unit ads, which share creative across the top and side of the screen, about a month ago; YouTube is making the tandem ads an option for all advertisers as of today.

YouTube Product Manager Zal Bilimoria spins it as a major coup, since it will be McDonald’s first rich-media buy on YouTube. (McDonald’s previously ran video ads on the homepage—but it wasn’t for a high-profile product launch). The fast food giant joins ABC, Electronic Arts and Volvo as brands that have taken a chance on YouTube’s larger, flashier ad units; Volvo tested another unit, the “expandable masthead”—it incorporated photos, videos and a Twitter feed, no less—which YouTube is also offering up to advertisers across the board.

Bilimoria said YouTube decided to make the experimental ad units a permanent part of its roster after tests found that the original homepage mastheads (which YouTube debuted in January) had user interaction rates that were about “three times higher than other rich media units of a similar size.” The McDonald’s campaign serves as the latest sign that YouTube is making some progress in its quest to legitimize itself as a hub for premium ads and content: it made it easier to find and promote full-length movies in mid-April, shortly after sealing a rev-sharing deal with Disney for special ESPN (NYSE: DIS), Disney/ABC channels.