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Farmers Rock Social Media!

by christine

I am very fortunate to be working with Alliance Tires Americas, Inc., a client in the agriculture industry; not only because they have wonderful products and are great folks, but because my own personal interests are satisfied. You see, my husband John and I have a family farm in west Tennessee. The farm has been in my husband’s family since 1870 but we are “new’ to the farming business.  So I am learning a lot from participating in forums and social media sites for Alliance Tire.  For example, I learned recently that because we have 100 acres or less we are considered “hobby farmers.”  That’s OK with me. We have a great deal to learn.

It may be a surprise to some of you that agriculture professionals and farmers in America are quite advanced in using social media and other public forum sites to promote themselves and their interests.  The Ag Chat foundation sponsors a question and answer session every Tuesday night from 7-9pm EDT using the twitter hashtag #agchat.  Almost every Farm Bureau offers classes teaching social media to their constituents.

Why?  Because farmers want you to know where your food comes from.  They want you to know the faces behind your gallon of milk or carton of eggs. Farming is not easy. It is hot, dirty, and expensive and totally under appreciated.  But individuals like Troy Hadrick and Advocates for Agriculture, and organizations like AEM, Association of Equipment Manufactures (AEM is looking for someone to recognize as the ‘Advocate for Agriculture” at their annual meeting.  Other examples on Facebook include: Indiana Dairy, Farmer Showcase and Farm Journal.

Do you know where your food comes from? Do you care? Who do you know that is a great “Advocate for Agriculture?” Tell us your story.  It is important!

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6 Responses to “Farmers Rock Social Media!”

  1. Stacey Says:

    Great post and thanks for sharing your comments! I share your feelings about my company (Westfield Insurance) and I work in our Agribusiness division where we focus on meeting all our farm and commerical account needs! We are enjoying our journey into the social network world and have blogs and twitter accounts to connect with our insureds, agents and customers!

  2. Farmer Pages Says:

    Technology and more specifically, computer networks, are becoming more and more important to farmers and dairymen. Being able interact with the farmer down the street is just as important as being able to interact with the farmer across the country or the world. Comparing techniques and skills is an absolute necessary for any craft.

    Also sites like http://www.farmerpages.com provides contacts between buyers and sellers in one particular area.

    Imagine what our forefathers would be able do if they had this technology!

  3. JPlovesCOTTON Says:

    Where in W. Tennessee are you guys? I’m in Memphis. -JPlovesCOTTON

  4. christine christine Says:

    We have a farm in Bruceton. Middle of the “boonies”.C

  5. christine christine Says:

    We live in Nashville and we have a 100 acre farm in Caroll Co. (Bruceton) You?

  6. five mistakes Says:

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