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Content Marketing

Content marketing budgets are higher than ever and on the rise, according to the 2011 Spending Study from the Custom Content Council.

In the study, 71 percent of marketers surveyed said content marketing is more effective than magazine advertising, 69 percent say it’s better than PR or direct mail marketing, and 62 percent cite it as more effective than television advertising

Why?  The increasing power of Web 2.0 technologies and platforms (i.e., Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) makes it much easier for companies to share their content with target audiences and for consumers to share content with each other.

The rub is, there are millions of YouTube videos, Tweets, etc., hitting the Web every week.  Your content must stand out.  And while the technologies are dramatically evolving, the essentials of telling a good story haven’t changed that much.  With decades of experience in journalism and PR, JTMarCom knows how to develop content that will get noticed and shared, and we know the latest technologies for moving your content up in Google rankings.